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Our Story

Mountain Man Handpan was founded in June 2018 


What in the world is that?

A good friend sent me a video, what I saw was initially befuddling, how on earth could that sound be coming from that thing?! Dante Bucci playing a composition on a mountainside was the first time I ever heard a handpan. I will always remember that initial exposure which lit a flame within me.


Eventually my quest to learn more about the instrument led me to one of the best destinations on the internet, This was a forum where makers, players, and enthusiasts alike all gathered. We shared videos, international handpan events were organized, and lifelong friendships were made.


Video credit: Bob Eccleston
Performance: Colin Foulke


Songs of the Forest II

Finally after 6 years of longing to hear the sound of a handpan in person I was given the opportunity. I drove from New England to Brunswick, Georgia to attend the Songs of the Forst II gathering at the Hostel in the Forest. Not only did I hear my first handpan, I heard 20. This was a weekend that only increased the desire to be with these instruments.

2016 - 2017

Mt. Washington

In September of 2016 I got the opportunity to purchase a handpan from a fellow attendee of Songs of the Forest. Just over a year later in October 2017 I drove to the summit of Mt. Washington with my handpan. While looking out at the majestic mountain range and playing, the decison was made in my heart to commit to this new endeavor of attempting to build these sound sculptures.



A Journey Begins


In June of 2018 I had hydroformed my first blank shell. Creating these blanks used to take many thousands of hammer strikes and be a very labor intensive process. Colin Foulke, a pioneer in the handpan world, released his plans for a hydroform machine. This gave all handpan craftsmen a way to save their bodies while making these steel canvasses. Without his generosity in sharing, I may not have set out on this journey I'm on today.

2019 - 2022

Keep Hammering

Hammer, fail. Hammer, fail. Hammer, fail. "Oh that's interesting." Hammer, fail. Hammer, fail. Hammer, fail. Ah-ha moment. Hammer, fail. Hammer, fail. Hammer, fail. Another ah-ha moment. Hammer, fail. For years, thousands of hours until.....



Grand Opening

Our first business year is established. We have an instrument that we are confident will compete with the other top makers in the world. We launched our website. We were juried and accepted to the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. And we continue to bring the sound of the handpan to countless new eyes and ears in the New England region. We are greatful for all the support we have received over these past 5 years and cannot wait to see what the next 5 years hold in store. Keep hammering.

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